The Physical Therapy and Hydrotherapy Unit is the government outpatient clinic which provides comprehensive health care services. All staff has been reserved with Physical therapy license with high quality professional services.

Physical Therapy Services

  • Physical Therapy in Musculoskeletal conditions which focuses on the assessment  and treatment or rehabilitation in an individual who has problems with muscles, bones, joints, tendons, and ligaments of upper extremity, lower extremity and spinal vertebrae
  • Physical Therapy in Neurological conditions which focuses on the assessment and treatment in an individual with movement disorders such as paralysis, hemiplegia, paraplegia, tetraplegia and peripheral neuropathy.
  • Physical Therapy in children with disabilities which focuses on improving the quality of life in children with movement disabilities  for example,  developmental delay in gross motor movement, problems with muscle control, postural control, and activities of daily living.
  • Physical Therapy in Sport rehabilitation which focuses on the various types of sport injuries in athletics. Providing a comprehensive treatment and rehabilitation are involving in both on-field and off-field management along with sport performance.  The aims of the sport rehabilitation are to return maximal sport performance, reduce or prevent from the sport injury. Furthermore, to promote of facility in different kinds of sport is also a consideration.


Hydrotherapy or aquatic physical therapy has long been recommended as beneficial for therapeutic exercise in healthy condition and rehabilitation. The properties of aquatic such as buoyancy of water reduces the work load though joints, the resistance of water increases muscle strengthening. Hydrostatic pressure of water can be used as a promoted blood circulation and improved flexibility that lead to reduced swelling. Increasing speed, turbulence and surface area can all be adjusted therefore, the treatment program can be graded to increase exercise which focusing on low-Impact workouts for joints, muscle relaxation, postural control, balance training and muscles strengthening.

Hydrotherapy pool capabilities

  • Adjusted an appropriate therapeutic temperature which is an approximately 33-35 °C
  • Provided the turbulent flow by bubble jet and blower
  • Served with a high quality for aquatic exercise equipment
  • Adjusted the level of water for the individual’s condition.

Individual Hydrotherapy provides a specific therapeutic exercise of an individual with under supervision from professional physical therapist.

Group Hydrotherapy provides a therapeutic group exercise for 5 people or more. The group hydrotherapy consists of hydrotherapy for older adults, overweight participants,  and pregnant women, for example.


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