On 31 May 2018, Assist. Prof. Dr. Chollanot Kaset, members of the department of Medical Technology, have been received the 2nd runner up award of RICE PLUS AWARD 2018. He has been created project in title of “Black rice extract for spermatozoa morphology assessment and forensic application”. The Rice Plus Award is the national and international level of contests which is conducted under Thailand’s creative economy policy on value-added creation for rice commercialization and export, organized by Ministry of Commerce’s Department of Foreign Trade (DFT), Institute for Agricultural Product Innovation (APi), and allied agencies. The project – in line with Thailand’s economic development policy of Thailand 4.0 model – aims to be the force to propel forward the country’s rice industry and upgrade Thai rice from an ordinary commodity into a quality product conceived of creative innovation and modern technologies, so that rice is added with value and larger consumer base, larger market.