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Thanawat Kitsuksan

Specialist: Sport Physical Therapy
Department: Department of Physical Therapy
Phone: 7257

Current Project

  1. Effect of compression band on muscle recovery after exercise-induced muscle damage
  2. Immediate effect of compression band on muscle flexibility, muscle length and Range of motion

Research Interests

  1. Sports Rehabilitation
  2. Sports Recovery
  3. Exercise physiology
  4. Delayed onset muscle soreness


Sport Physical Therapy


  • Effects of combined respiratory muscle training and resistance band exercise on respiratory muscle strength, chest expansion, pulmonary function and health-related physical fitness in elderly women. (Journal of Sports Science and Health, Vol 14, No. 2, 2013, 85 – 98.)

Academic research (All Published in Thai)

  • Effect of active recovery on physical performance and heart rate in healthy male aged 18-25 years. (Thammasat Medical Journal, Vol 18, July-September 2018, 330-338.)
  • The effect of combined compression band and active recovery on knee extensor muscle after exercise-induced muscle soreness in sedentary healthy male students. (Journal of Sport Science and Technology, Vol 18, No. 2, Dec, 2018)
  • The effect of different recovery duration on countermovement jump after repeated sprint ability in healthy male aged 18-25 years.  (Journal of Sport Science and Technology, Vol 18, No. 2, Dec, 2018)
  • Comparison of effects between supine lying with legs elevated and supine lying on muscle recovery of knee extensor and flexor after plyometric exercise in low-active healthy male. (Journal of Sport Science and Health, Vol 20, No.2, May-August 2019)