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Assistant Professor

Sukwida Manorangsan

Specialist: Orthopedic physical therapy , Geriatric physical therapy
Department: Department of Physical Therapy
Phone: 7256

Current Project

1. Manorangsan S, Panpeach P, Vorakittikul D. Five Times Sit-To-Stand Test and Activities-Specific Balance Confidence Scale in Thai Fallers. Thammasat International Journal of Science and Technology 2015; 20(1): 18-28.

2. Manonangsan S, Rueangthong C, Rompocapong H, Yanmongkonsin W. Lower extremity muscle strength using hand-held dynamometer in Thai dwelling community elderly people. Thai Journal of Physical Therapy 2015; 37 (1): 1-11

3. Manorangsan S. Guiliani CA. Poster Presentation: The relationship between senior fitness test scores and falls in older adults. American Physical Therapy Association: Combine Section Meeting Conferences. USA: Las Vegus 2009.

4. Manorangsan S. Mercer VS. Poster Presentation: Paretic lower extremity loading during sit-to-stand from 1 to 6 months post stroke. International Society Posture and Gait Research (ISPGR 2007) 18th International Conference. USA: Vermont 2007.

5. Manorangsan S. Gait Analysis. Thammasat Medical Journal 2003; 3: 528-537.

6. Manorangsan S, Impoolsup A,Vachalathiti R. Comparison of Three Dimensional Gait Characteristics between Knee Osteoarthritic Female Subjects with and without Pain. Thai Journal of Physical Therapy 1999; 21: 234-50.

Research Interests

Geriatrics, Gait analysis,

Post-Surgical Physical Therapy



Orthopedic physical therapy , Geriatric physical therapy