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Professor (Assistant)

Patcharee Isarankura-Na-Ayudhya

Specialist: Hematology, Proteomics and Proteomics in Bacteriology
Department: Department of Medical Technology

Current Project

environmental cleanup bacteria

Research Interests

Bacterial proteomics and its role in  bacterial proteomics and its role in heavy metals tolerance


2016 – 2019: Deputy Head of Department of Medical technology for research


Guest researcher, Institute of Biochemistry, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany . 2007


PhD scholarships from Thailand Graduate Institute of Science and Technology (TGIST), NSTDA


-“Best Poster Presentation Award” “Comparative Multi-omics data: Identification of key proteins and metabolites in cadmium tolerance of environmental Bacteria”, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MICROBIOME RESEARCH 2018 (ICMR2018), PUNE, INDIA

– รางวัลประกาศเกียรติคุณทางด้านวิจัยจากหน่วยงานภายนอก ในงาน วันนักวิจัย มหาวิทยาลัยธรรมศาสตร์ เมื่อวันที่  2557

– Travel Award for Young investigators, The Human Proteome Organization 12th Annual World Congress (12th HUPO), 14 – 18 September, 2013, Yokohama, Japan

– Faculty of Allied Health Science Young Scientist Award 2010

-FIRST PRIZE: most popular poster presentation: (2005) Protein expression profiles of Plasmodium falciparum in response to dihydroartemisinin treatment in vitro. Second protein research network symposium on “Proteins: structure, function, and Proteomics”, Chulabhron Research Institute Conference Center, Bangkok, Thailand





Hematology, Proteomics and Proteomics in Bacteriology


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ตำราโลหิตวิทยาคลินิก :ความผิดปกติของเม็ดเลือดแดง:กลไกการเกิดความผิดปกติและการตรวจสเมียร์เลือดด้วยกล้องจุลทรรศน์


“Comparative Multi-omics data: Identification of key proteins and metabolites in cadmium tolerance of environmental Bacteria”, INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MICROBIOME RESEARCH 2018 (ICMR2018), PUNE, INDIA